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Submission guidelines

If you’re passionate about crafting/DIY and love to share your projects with others, you might be interested in submitting your work to our website. However, before you hit that submit button, it’s important to review our guidelines to ensure that your submission meets our requirements.

Original designs only

First and foremost, all projects submitted to our website must be original designs by you. We’re looking for unique and innovative ideas that showcase your creativity and skill.

Photo size

We recommend using a landscape orientation for your photos, where the width is noticeably larger than the height. Ideal aspect ratio 16:9. Minimum photo size – at least 850 by 480 pixels.

Include finished project photos

It’s important to include a photo or photos that clearly show the completed project. This will help our readers understand the project and visualize how it will look when finished.

Images with text

While it’s totally cool to add small and subtle watermarks, adding text or graphic elements (like arrows, hearts etc.) can sometimes distract the viewer and make the image look cluttered. Please do not add text to your image.

You can submit as many projects as you want

We love seeing all your amazing ideas! Each day, we usually share between 1 to 4 project ideas for each category, like sewing, crochet, or home decor. If we get multiple submissions from the same blogger on the same day, we may spread them out to about 1 post per week. This helps us make sure we have a good mix of content for both our readers and bloggers.

No duplicate projects

Please do not submit duplicate projects that you’ve already posted on our site. We want to showcase fresh, new content to our readers and duplicate submissions can be confusing and redundant.

No collection pages, sponsored posts, or reviews

We do not accept collection pages, sponsored posts, or product reviews. Our focus is on craft projects and tutorials that our readers can follow and create on their own.

Free craft tutorials and patterns only

We only accept free craft tutorials and patterns. We believe that crafting should be accessible to everyone and we’re committed to sharing free resources with our readers.

Consider the timing

We appreciate submissions that are timely and relevant, so please be mindful of the current season or holiday when making your suggestions.

In short, we’re always looking for fresh, new, and relevant content to share with our readers. We look forward to seeing your submissions!