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Share your project

Do you like the DIY projects that you see here? We’re giving you the opportunity to inspire others with your creativity. Submit your craft tutorial by filling out the form below and share your own craft expertise!

Submit the project along with one amazing photo, and include a link back to your blog for the full tutorial (photo, video, or written). Therefore, the project you’ve posted here will only be a preview of your work, so our readers will need to visit your blog to see the full post. It’s fresh content for us, and traffic and increased domain authority for you, which is a great win-win situation!

Submission guidelines:

  • You must be the creator of the projects you submit. Please do not submit content that does not belong to you.
  • Upload your best quality photo that clearly shows the completed project.
  • We recommend using landscape orientation for your photos, as this format works well for our website.
  • Minimum photo size – at least 850 by 480 pixels.
  • Only free craft tutorials and patterns will be considered for submission.
  • Please submit content that is timely and relevant to the current season or holiday.
  • It’s okay if your projects have been previously featured on other websites or blogs.
  • Please don’t submit projects that you’ve already posted on our site before.

Find more info on how to submit your project to Crafts On Display in our Submission Guidelines page.