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Maze generator
Welcome to our free maze generator for kids! This amazing educational online tool guarantees hours of fun. Choose from different images, sizes, colors, and more! You can generate countless unique mazes in seconds. All printable maze puzzles are free to download as PDF or PNG images.
Mazes are not only great fun for preschoolers and kids of all ages but also provide an enjoyable challenge for adults. Get creative with adorable characters like kittens, owls, llamas, and penguins.

Easy and fun maze generator

We’re thrilled to bring you this fun and educational free maze generator for kids that guarantees hours of enjoyment. With our maze generator, you have the freedom to choose various images for both the Start and End points of the maze. Additionally, you can customize the maze size, colors, and even adjust the line thickness. If you ever need a helping hand, you can also view the maze solution.
We’ve made sure that using our maze generator is as enjoyable and user-friendly as possible. In just seconds, you can generate countless unique mazes tailored to your desired size and difficulty level.
Each time you generate a maze, it will be entirely different from the previous ones, except for the smallest maze size where you might occasionally encounter familiar paths.

Free printable maze puzzles

That’s not all – all of our printable maze puzzles are absolutely free to download and ready for printing. You have the option to save them as printable PDF or PNG images, making it convenient for offline use.

Customize your mazes with Start and End images

Mazes are an excellent activity for children of all ages, including preschoolers. Once kids master the simplest mazes, they can challenge themselves with more complex versions.
The adorable characters bring a whole new level of excitement to the mix! Every time you create a maze worksheet, you can choose from a variety of images, such as guiding kittens to a cozy house, an owl finding its way into the forest, a cute little llama heading to school, or a penguin navigating a path to the swimming pool. The possibilities are endless!
This engaging activity will keep your kids entertained for hours as they exercise their problem-solving skills to discover the correct path to the maze’s end.

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